Berrima Spring ODE – My last Australian Event

Being my last weekend in Australia, I was relieved of volunteer duties at Berrima so I could get myself organised for my big trip. Of course, that meant socialising all day,and waiting til midnight before panicking and packing my suitcase.

The weather was absolutely beautiful and I got to catch up with lots of good friends – the perfect way to spend my last day here.

A few happy snaps from yesterday –

Being a backseat dressage judge with a couple of good friends

Showjumping about to get underway

Our recently renovated water jump ready for action

Freddy’s Fence – dressed and ready for its debut in the 1*

I just want to say a big thank you to all those who have supported me over the past 12 months. It’s been a bit of a rough year, but I’m so excited for the things to come.

I board my plane to LA in just over 6 hours – and on that note, I had better finish packing!


A special dedication to my Freddy

A number of my friends recently got together and gathered donations to put towards the construction of a new cross country jump at Berrima Horse Trials, in memory of my darling Freddy.

The first phase of the jump was completed earlier this week, in time for the Spring event this weekend. It is currently a 1* and 2* complex, but eventually it will be furthered developed to include all the grades.

We had a dedication ceremony last night to celebrate the completion of the jump, and to remember Freddy. There was plenty of wine, a few tears and lots of laughs – it such a lovely evening spent with some wonderful friends, and I’m so touched by their generosity and support!

A few photos from the evening:

Pink decorations & refreshments – inspired by Freddy’s cross country colours

The jump – 1* corner on the left, 2* corner on the right

The memorial plaque & a very cheesy grin

Sharing a drink with my lovely mother (and super groom!)

Some of the wonderful people who made this all possible!

The Final Countdown!

Apologies for the complete lack of updates lately – life has just been soo busy.

I’ve finished uni for the year, made it through exams, and have been flat out packing and planning for my USA trip. I’ve also been doing as much riding as possible on a few lovely horses belonging to friends.. I’m a bit rusty after so much time out of the saddle!


Riding my friend’s lovely WB gelding, Luke


I fly to LA this Sunday, and then onto New York, where I’m planning on spending a few touristy days before heading down to True Prospect Farm in PA. After the beautiful early summer weather we’ve been having, the snow is going to come as a bit of a shock! Looking forward to doing some serious shopping in NYC, it’s been pretty tricky trying to find decent winter clothes here.



The packing begins!


The rest of this week will be spent trying to catch up with as many friends as possible before I leave. It’s all getting very exciting!