Pine Top Eventing photos

A few miscellaneous photos from the weekend at Pine Top Farm.

Hanging out with Charlie in between classes

Mr Medicott in the dressage warm up

William Penn cruising around the SJ

Handsome Mr Medicott!

Not-so-handsome Mr Medicott….

William Penn & Fernhill Fugitive

Charlie cuddles on the way home after a very big weekend

8 thoughts on “Pine Top Eventing photos

    • No, unfortunately I’ve had to return to Australia to finish my university degree, so I’m not working for Phillip anymore. I was glued to my TV to keep up with the action though!

      • Cool!!! I wasn’t able to watch it, but I was filled in on all of the winners afterward!!! I really wish he would have won, but I’m really happy for William Fox-Pitt and Bay My Hero. I love that horse’s name!!!

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