Why working students are like hobbits…

We eat.

What about elevenses? Luncheon? Afternoon tea? Dinner? Supper?

And eat. And eat and eat.

With all the riding, mucking, grooming and general running around we do, we work up some pretty huge appetites. We never have time to stop and have real meals during the day though, so we tend to graze and snack constantly on anything we can grab quickly as we run past onto the next job.

Our favourite meal of the day is First Dinner – a ritual of heading straight in from the barn each afternoon to sit around feasting and debriefing about our day. It tides us over until we can get organised enough to head out to a restaurant or the store to buy some dinner – though quite often our Second Dinner consists mostly of Marble Slab ice cream and/or alcohol.

I’m just grateful that we work so hard around here, otherwise we’d all be the the size of houses…

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