New York – day four

My last full day in New York! I had big plans, but didn’t actually end up doing a whole lot… Just a lot more wandering and exploring 🙂

I found a cute little winter marketplace where I bought a few gifts for people back home. I’ve been avoiding buying awful touristy things, so this stuff was a nice alternative. I spent some time in the NY pubic library – I’m becoming so obsessed with all the beautiful architecture here!! I was just as impressed with Grand Central. The buildings are all just amazing. The New Yorkers I’ve chatted with don’t seem to get why it’s exciting… I guess it wouldn’t be all that interesting if it’s what you’ve grown up with. It’s always good to see things through a fresh set of eyes though!

I was tossing up whether to go out and have a big night, or to head home and have an early dinner and get myself organised to leave… And with my feet aching from walking about 50 miles over the past few days, option B won. I had dinner at a gorgeous Mediterranean restaurant in Harlem – it was such a good find. Great food, live jazz, and amazing cocktails… I swear the alcohol is more potent here than back home!! Spent a couple of hours there just drinking and listening to music, then walked (stumbled?) back home.

I really love it here, there’s something new and interesting to see every time you turn a corner. I’ve noticed that the city has become busier with each day though, I guess all the tourists are turning up with the holidays season getting underway. I think I might have timed my trip relatively well.. Even though I’m disappointed that I didn’t see New York in the snow, Im glad to be getting away from the crowds that have begun to show up everywhere.

You’ll have to forgive me if my posts are a bit scrappy at the moment… WordPress really doesn’t want to cooperate with my ipad.

Day three and I was still feeling pretty ordinary, falling asleep after 4am really isn’t agreeing with me, so I was off to a late start. I headed down to South Ferry (finally figured out the subway!!) to go to see the Statue of Liberty. I nearly got myself conned by people claiming to be in charge of official tours, but got away before I handed over any money, and found the real ticketing centre. Liberty Island was quite interesting – the statue is pretty majestic close up. I would have liked to do the crown tour, but they’re booked out until the middle of January.

Once I got back to the mainland, I was absolutely freezing so just decided to start walking around to check out the streets downtown, and to try and warm up a bit. I ended up at the 9/11 memorial so made my way in there. I really wasn’t expecting to be so affected by it, but it’s a seriously emotional place. It’s so heartbreaking reading the names of all the emergency workers.

I kept wandering uptown and did a bit more shopping, and befriended a couple of girls in Sephora. They were going to dinner at McGees, an Irish pub that inspired the McLarens bar from How I Met Your Mother, and invited me to come along. It was a pretty cool little place, different inside from McLarens, but the food, drinks and company were very good!! A bit later on I caught up with a guy I had met earlier in the day and had a few drinks at another cute little bar. It was a nice way to end the day – I’ve been enjoying being on my own most of the time, but it’s always good to socialis!

New York – day two

I really need need to stay up to date with writing in this a bit better – I’ve done soo much in the last few days, it’s hard to keep track of it all!

On the second day I was a bit jet lagged, so decided to spend a fairly quiet day at the museums. My first pick was the Met – I’m a massive Egyptophile so their Ancient Egypt exhibit was certainly a highlight.




I spent hours there, the armoury section and the Greek/Roman history were also really fascinating.

I then made my way back down towards the shops on 5th Avenue and spent a few hours there.. The size of the stores here is just incomprehensible. I feel like such a little country girl! Bought a few good things though, all the clothing is so cheap.

I actually had a bit of trouble finding somewhere for dinner – a few places I liked the look of actually wouldn’t give me a table for one! I suppose it’s fair enough when they’re busy and want to maximise their earning potential with full tables, but it’s a bit depressing when you just want to get a nice meal on your own. I ended up just getting a takeaway salad and headed back home to try and get an early night. It didn’t quite work as planned, because I was still awake at 4am! I think it’s going to take a while for me to try and readjust my sleeping pattern… Better get it sorted before I start working, otherwise I’m going to end up pretty exhausted very quickly!