You’ll have to forgive me if my posts are a bit scrappy at the moment… WordPress really doesn’t want to cooperate with my ipad.

Day three and I was still feeling pretty ordinary, falling asleep after 4am really isn’t agreeing with me, so I was off to a late start. I headed down to South Ferry (finally figured out the subway!!) to go to see the Statue of Liberty. I nearly got myself conned by people claiming to be in charge of official tours, but got away before I handed over any money, and found the real ticketing centre. Liberty Island was quite interesting – the statue is pretty majestic close up. I would have liked to do the crown tour, but they’re booked out until the middle of January.

Once I got back to the mainland, I was absolutely freezing so just decided to start walking around to check out the streets downtown, and to try and warm up a bit. I ended up at the 9/11 memorial so made my way in there. I really wasn’t expecting to be so affected by it, but it’s a seriously emotional place. It’s so heartbreaking reading the names of all the emergency workers.

I kept wandering uptown and did a bit more shopping, and befriended a couple of girls in Sephora. They were going to dinner at McGees, an Irish pub that inspired the McLarens bar from How I Met Your Mother, and invited me to come along. It was a pretty cool little place, different inside from McLarens, but the food, drinks and company were very good!! A bit later on I caught up with a guy I had met earlier in the day and had a few drinks at another cute little bar. It was a nice way to end the day – I’ve been enjoying being on my own most of the time, but it’s always good to socialis!

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